SUNROSA CULTURE NOTES for commercial growers:
Potting – Transplant liners/plugs into a 1 to 3-gallon pots in well-drained soil.
Water – Keep the soil moist. If the soil holds a lot of water, be careful not to overwater. Do not leave plants in standing water.
Fertilizer – Apply fertilizer when potted and maintain ongoing fertilizer program for roses.
Light – Grow in full sun for best results.
Temperature – Optimum temperatures are 55-65°F at night and 70-80°F degree days. Maintain good air circulation throughout the production area.
Pruning – For best results, keep plants well trimmed, starting about 4-6 weeks after transplant.
Crop time
1 gallon pot = 8-10 weeks
2-3 gallon pot = 12-16 weeks
Depending on culture, growing zone and season.
Disease & Pests – In trials, Sunrosa varieties have been resistant to mildew and blackspot. Monitor plants for potential pests and diseases.
Growth regulators – No growth regulator is needed. Sunrosa is naturally compact.


At last: a glorious rose that doesn't need pampering!

And if there was an award for low maintenance, Sunrosa would win that one, too. There is no better choice for landscapes and patio containers than Sunrosa roses. Plant in beds or your favorite patio container. Although Sunrosa roses require less pruning and maintenance than a typical shrub rose, you may choose to prune to improve the shape. Superior disease resistance, upright bushy habit, numerous compact and vivid flowers, long blooming period and high tolerance for sun and heat all combine for one of the most irresistible rose bushes ever.